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  • Pressed in brass coil heaters are made of Small Cross Section  Micro coil heaters coiled in to  a slot of  cylindrical brass sleeve and then pressed together for better  and efficient  heat  transfer.


  • Compact and robust design with small wall thickness
  • Precise power distribution
  • Customer specific design.
  • Highest reproductivity
  • Smallest tolerance.


  • Heating of Nozzle for Plastics industry (Eg: Hot runner system heating of liquids, with tubes, heating of metals, with circular cross section.
  • Has quick heat dissipation, high insulation, greatly extend the service life of heater
  • Can be built with a micro, mini, flat, low profile or round coil heater.
  • Safety in use
  • Faster responding heater due to eliminated air pockets than cast in brass
  • Profile and heater orientation precisely repeatable
  • Thermocouple not exposed to molten brass temperatures – Improved durability
  • Potential for designing thin walled brass heaters to minimize OD impact
  • Faster responding heater due to eliminated air pockets than cast in brass

Heater Sheath: CrNi Steel

High Voltage Stability: 800VAC

Insulation Resistance: >=  Brass  , Bronze 5M ohm at 500 VDC (Cold)

Wattage Tolerance: +/- 2%, +/- 4%, or +/-10%

Maximum Voltage: 230V

Leakage Current: <= 0.5 mA at 250VAC (Cold)


  • Watts & Volts.
  • Cross Section.
  • ID, OD & Length.
  • Termination style.
  • Thermocouple if required Specify Type "J" (or) "K" Grounded (or) Ungrounded.
  • Number of coil in L1, L2 & L3.
  • Coil total Length T.L, L1, L2, & L3.
  • Connection lead option, lead length and lead orientation.
  • Drawing or sample for special type configuration.
  • Sleeve overall length and then ID & OD