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Straight-type High Density Cartridge Heaters

Elmecspeciality High Watt Density Cartridge heaters are manufactured with most advanced technology and quality raw materials , enables usage with high watt density in small spaces and advanced manfacturing process ensures our heaters are vibration proof and thus ensures excellent reliability in heavy duty working conditions ( like Plastic Processing, printing, packaging and automobile industries where the heaters are subjected to heavy vibrations). The high performance is achieved by correct installation of the cartridge heaters. The perfect fitness of the heater in the hole facilitates good heat exchange between the surfaces of heater and mass to be heated, thus increases the heater life and reduces energy loss 


L type cartridge  heater drawing

Diameter – 0.02 to – 0.08 mm
Length   Up to 100mm + 2mm
      Over 100mm + 1% to 3%
Wattage – 10% to + 5% (+ 5% available upon request)
Resistance + 10% to – 5% (+ 5% available upon request)
Maximum working temperature allowed on sheath 750°C
High Watt Density Max.150 W/Sq.inch
Max. 25W/Sq.cm
Medium Watt Density Max. 65 W/Sq.inch
Max. 10W/Sq.cm
Low Watt Density Max. 25W/Sq.inch
Max. 4W/Sq.cm

When Ordering please Specify

  • Type of heater.
  • Wattage and Voltage.
  • Type of terminal
  • Dia & length of the heater.
  • Drawing for special type configuration.

We can manufacture and supply any intermediate diameter and length, Send drawing or sample for special size.