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About Us


Elmec Speciality Heater has established in the year 1975 and pioneer in the manufacture of industrial heaters ., Elmec Speciality has been specializing in the production of electrical heating elements for more than 35 years. , Elmec Speciality design and manufacturing of Industrial Heaters and electrical Heating coil for commercial and industrial use. Elmec Speciality established strong foothold in India and nationwide, Elmec Speciality has introduced new technologies like micro coil heaters, mini coil heaters hot-runner heaters, cartridge heaters, High watt density heaters and flexible manifold heaters

With an uncompromised dedication to our customers, we offer solution and not just product, Our research and development department is constantly improving on current designs and techniques to take advantage of the latest in technology and apply these processes into your heating applications to make your heaters more durable and cost-efficient.

Our custom heating assemblies can be applied to many general and industrial uses ranging from general industry to space-age technology and nuclear power plants. Our skilled technicians produce precision shapes through CAD engineering and various other techniques. We sit with our clients to discuss the exact heating features they are looking for. Depending upon their needs, we come up with the best designs and shapes

We have partnered with Rubber, aerospace, medical, dental, commercial, plastics, aviation, nuclear, electronic, and automotive industries.