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Elmecspeciality oil immersion heaters are permanently installed to the oil tank or container, which cannot be detached. They are designed with a strong body and robust technology to make them withstand any environment along with being long lasting than others. Oil heaters also require little space for installation as they are smaller in size.

The control mechanism and heating tool, which is also called the “pocket tube”, is kept outside of the tank so it is protected from the oil itself. This is also beneficial, as in case the heater goes haywire, you will not need to empty the entire tank just to fix it.
Most common aspect of oil immersion heater is the surface load, which must be kept at a constant temperature in order to prevent the oil from getting deteriorated. If this happens, carbon layer will be amassed on the device that will interrupt the heat transfer.

Sheath Material                                            Incoloy tube, SS316 tube
Insulation Material Mgo
Inner Resistance  coil Ni Cr 80-20
screw plug size 1" to 3" NPT thread
Wattage  5 kw to 20 kw
Power rating  Depending upon the application
Screw plug material Brass , Bronze , Carbon steel
Pressure  rating  up to 300PsiG
Length Tolerance (Straight) + 5%
Wattage Tolerance + 10% (+ 5% Available Upon Request)
Inner Resistance Tolerance + 10% (+ 5% Available Upon Request)
Unhneated Length (cold zone)

50mm to 100mm (Deponding upon the heater length  it will be varieing )

Dimensional Tolerance inner coil  in tube Coil I.D + 0.1 to 0.2mm
Coil Length + 1mm


When Ordering please Specify

  • Dia & length of the heater.
  • Wattage and Voltage.
  • Drawing required.
  • what is the media.
  • Thermocouples holes required or not.

We can manufacture and supply any intermediate diameter and length, Send drawing or sample for special size.


Type Watts Voltage Depth of
ESH/OHST   10/43.8 1000 230 438mm 2 1/2 " BSPT
ESH/OHST   15/43.8 1500 230 438mm 2 1/2" BSPT
ESH/OHST   20/43.8 2000 230 438mm 2 1/2 " BSPT
ESH/OHST   30/43.8 3000 230/400(Y) 438mm 2 1/2" BSPT
ESH/OHST   40/57.5 4000 230/400(Y) 575mm 2 1/2" BSPT
ESH/OHST   50/57.5 5000 230/400(Y) 575mm 2 1/2" BSPT
ESH/OHST   60/57.5 6000 230/400(Y) 575mm 2 1/2" BSPT
ESH/OHST   90/71.2 9000 230/400(Y) 712mm 2 1/2" BSPT