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Elmec Speciality  L/T Type thermocouples are flexible style, single or double slot 15mm OD x 11.5mm ID bayonet thermocouples, commonly used in machinery to extrude or form plastics. The bayonet cap screws along the 170mm long flexible spring making it very easy to adjust the immersion length. Supplied with a stranded 7/0.2mm diameter fibreglass insulated stainless steel wire-braided cable. The sensing junction is grounded for fast response. Suitable for use up to +350°C. 1/8" BSPP single and double peg, nickel-plated brass bayonet adaptors also available in 22mm, 35mm, 48mm and 64mm lengths.

  • Commonly used in machinery to extrude or form plastics
  • Suitable for use up to +350°C
  • 170mm flexible spring
  • Single and double peg adaptors available

1. Thermocouple Type J, K, or N Standard Limits of Error ± 2.2°C or 0.75% (which ever is greater)

2. Thermocouple Type T Standard Limits of Error ± 1.0°C or 0.75%; (which ever is greater)

3. Thermocouple Type E Standard Limits of Error ± 1.7°C or 0.50% (which ever is greater)

4. Thermocouple Type R or S Standard Limits of Error ± 1.5°C or 0.25% (which ever is greater)

5. Thermocouple Type B Standard Limits of Error ± 0.50%

The six standard design's are available to meet the requirements for space conservation while the cap and spring are provided to insure optimum contact with the process. With a pipe clamp adapter, the sensor can also be used to measure pipe wall and bearing temperatures.

These six configuration are divided into two parts:-

Adjustable Immersion

  • Bayonet on Flex Armor
  • Bayonet on Flex Armor with transition
  • Bayonet on Spring

Fixed Immersion

  • Bayonet Straight
  • Bayonet 45° Degree Bend
  • Bayonet 90° Degree Bend

1. Used in extruder & Plastic processing industries.

2. These sensors provide accurate temperature control for the best plasticizing combination of plastic material , mold & design.

3. Used in die casting industries.

4. Used in packaging & other industrial sensing application.