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The elmecspeciality square manifold heaters are  most advanced technological solution for injection manifold . The square cross-section of the heating length results in a very high level of heat exchange. Installation is very easy, No fixing is needed to hold the heater in its seat. It is simply necessary to work in a square section groove where to fit and press-down the heater in its final position. Square Cross-Section manifold Heaters will be perfect stability in the groove and  perfect contact , which results in good thermal exchange and increases the heater life and reduces energy loss. 

Technical Data
· Cross section: square 6 x 6 mm and 8 x 8 mm (along heating length).
· Tolerance on cross section sides: +- 0.15 mm.
· Tolerance on length: +- 5 mm for lengths up to 250 mm, +-1 2 % for lengths over 250 mm,
· Tolerance on the length of unheated parts, at each end ofthe heater; +- 5 mm.
· Electrical strength: 1500 V.
· Electrical insulation, when cold, with 1000 Vcc: > 10 MQ.
· Leakage current, when cold; < 0.1 mA.
· Maximum working temperature (external sheath): 750 °C.
· Sheath material: AISI 321 stainless steel.
· Minimum bending radius to the heater’s centerline, with 6x5 mm section; 15 mm.
· Important; unheated (round) part at both ends shall not be bent.

When Ordering please Specify

  • Square 6 mm x 6 mm, 8 mm x 8mm
  • Watt voltage & ohm's value
  • Drawing for special type configuration.

We can manufacture and supply any intermediate diameter and length, Send drawing or sample for special size.