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A Sequence Injection Timer controls to open & close gate of a Hot Runner in order to have effect to remove weldline, adjust injection quantity of each gate, reduce clamping force, minimize flow mark, etc.


  • Select Output Voltages: Users can select output voltage of sequence timer either DC24V or AC 220V in order to have equal output voltage for solenoid input voltage
  • Operation Modes: With supporting A/B/C modes, users can set open & close time of gate depending on user's various operating conditions
  • Free Voltages: A timer detect any input voltages automatically like DC24V, AC110V, AC 220V, etc.
Main Power Supply Single Phase AC 90V ~ AV 250V (50/60Hz) (Free Voltage Use)
Injection Single Input Power Supply In DC 24V / AC 110V / AC 220V
Solenoid Valve Voltage DC 24V / AC 220V
Solenoid Valve Load DC 24V / Total 2A, AC220V / Total 2A
Operation Conditions -10℃  ~ 50 ℃ 
Time Range 9.99 / 99.9 / 999 Sec
Mode Specification A / B / C Mode